Pro Cyclist Foundation Launches with the Mission of Providing Professional Cyclists with Legal, Wellness, and Career Support


Denver, Colorado, September 8, 2020 – The Pro Cyclist Foundation has launched. The Foundation will provide professional cyclists with access to legal, health, and career training services. In tandem, Black Swift Group, LLC, a Colorado based SEC registered investment advisor has launched a private investment fund to provide ongoing financial support to the Foundation. A portion of the private fund’s investment management fees will provide an annual operating and program budget for the Pro Cyclist Foundation.

Will Dugan, a former professional cyclist, will lead the Foundation’s efforts in developing programs and advisory councils to assist athletes competing at the highest levels in the sport of cycling. “The positive effects of supporting professional athletes reach beyond the athletes and the sport itself,” Dugan explains. “Cycling permeates societies around the world: the bike grants independence and utility by providing emissions-free transportation, a means to wellness, recreation, and can form lasting social bonds. Without support, the viability of cycling as a professional sport, its benefits and the fabric that binds diverse social groups together, is at risk. We aim to reduce those risks and in turn grow the sport.”

The Pro Cyclist Foundation aims to give cyclists access to a trusted referral network of professionals with legal, wellness and career guidance expertise. The referral network is well-versed with the challenges professional cyclists face. A component of the Foundation’s budget will be used to offset the costs of essential services and resources cyclists need through financial assistance with needs-based grants.

This comprehensive referral network combined with needs-based financial assistance promotes development, a principal focus of the Foundation. “Our goal is to work directly with established organizations at the forefront of supporting rider well-being and development. We understand the structure of the sport, its limitations, and intend to improve on existing challenges that prohibit athletes from reaching their potential,” Dugan emphasized. 

Greg Casals, the Chief Investment Officer for Black Swift added the following, “Having been involved in the support of cycling at the amateur level, I am excited to be working with Will Dugan and the management team he has put together to form a Foundation to support the professional athlete. We think professional cycling needs this type of independent support and advocacy, and are excited about building an endowment with support from the fan base that wants to see the sport thrive, from the professional level, all the way to the grassroots level of the sport.”


Inspired and founded by former professional cyclists, the Pro Cyclist Foundation’s mission is to offer professional cyclists improved access to legal, wellness and career services to benefit the sport of cycling at all levels. Led by Will Dugan and based in Denver, Colorado, the Foundation receives financial support from Black Swift Group, LLC. For additional information, please visit the Foundation’s website at


Black Swift Group, LLC is an investment manager and SEC registered investment adviser founded in 2016 to offer investment management services with a single mandate: to aim for better risk-adjusted returns through custom solutions. The firm is headquartered in downtown Denver, serving high-net worth individuals, family offices, and institutional clients. Black Swift emphasizes transparency and accountability and the importance of strategy selection. For additional information, please visit the Company’s website at

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