LUX Cycling is an elite under-19 development team run by Roy Knickman. Its mission is to educate and empower the top junior riders in the United States to succeed at the highest levels of competitive cycling and in life.

Over the years, LUX has become one of the most influential development teams in the United States. Riders such as Brandon McNulty, Quinn Simmons and Kevin Vermaerke – just to name a few – got their start with LUX and are now World Tour riders.

On the women’s side, LUX riders like Kaia Schmid and Makayla MacPherson, have been competing internationally and winning!

If you want to know which names are the future of cycling success, you just need to look to the current roaster of LUX Cycling. With each new generation of young riders, the management team at LUX have been able to consistently build upon the talents and drive of their athletes thus shaping the future of American cycling.

For 2021, The Pro Cyclist Foundation has been proud to partner LUX in helping them keep the team’s international exposure possible and thriving.