Inspiring cyclists at every level

starting with support for the pros.

Our Mission

To offer professional cyclists improved access to legal, wellness and career services to benefit the sport of cycling at all levels.

Who We Are

Pro Cyclist Foundation was inspired & founded by former professional cyclists. We are a philanthropy dedicated to improving the sport of cycling by offering athletes at the highest level access to essential resources and career support.

Our Foundation is designed to be a centralized support network, and to help connect the cycling fan base directly to the athletes. Due to the structure of the sport, most professional cyclists lack adequate compensation and benefits. Through the establishment of a permanent endowment, the Foundation seeks to fund programs and grants that provide assistance to current and former – male and female – professional cycling athletes.

A sustainable model supporting professional cyclists for generations.

How We Work

Legal Advocacy

Needs-based grants and a broad referral network for improved legal representation - tailored specifically for cyclists.

Wellness Support

Access to wellness support and needs-based grants for qualifying athletes.

Career Advisory

Professional training and mentorship programs for current and retired cyclists.

Why Pro Cycling

Cycling affects societies around the world: the bike provides independence and utility as emissions-free transportation, encourages wellness and recreation, and forms lasting social bonds.

Professional cyclists are the icons of the sport – kings and queens of the bike – recognized throughout the world as leaders and inspiration to cyclists of all levels. And yet, these athletes, particularly women, lack funding, resources and basic career support.

Without more complete resources, cycling will continue to struggle as a viable professional sport. Professional cyclists need access to basic resources in legal, wellness, and post-career training fields.

With proper advocacy and financial support, professional cyclists can realize their roles as leaders, pave the road of inspiration for cyclists at every level, and build a cohesive community leaving a positive impact on society.

Uniquely Funded

The Pro Cyclists Foundation is primarily funded from an annual corporate donation from Black Swift Group LLC, an independent investment manager based in Denver, Colorado.

Black Swift Group LLC is a large supporter in the cycling community and is committed to the mission of the Foundation. Emulating the funding model of the world’s most successful nonprofit organizations, the Pro Cyclist Foundation sets itself apart from the rest. We are prepared for scalability & sustainability to support professional cyclists for generations.

To learn more about Black Swift LLC’s involvement in the Pro Cyclist Foundation and how you can become involved in building the endowment, please contact Sam Redman:

(303) 284-8017


Will Dugan


Will first found success as a cyclist on CCB International and later signed with Team Type 1, a Pro Continental team. Today, Will operates Vafels, a plant-based Liège-style wafel company in Boulder, CO and is pleased to lead an organization for the benefit of male and female pro cyclists that will have a resounding impact at every level of the cycling community.

Keith Harper


Keith got a start in cycling on the Junior 7-Eleven team where his later racing in Europe culminated with a spot on the Motorola Cycling Team. Today, Keith is a digital product designer and a key Officer at Pro Cyclist Foundation.

Let's build the cycling community together